4 jQuery Scripts To Boost Conversions By 48%

Below are 4 little jQuery scripts that I have used for years to increase conversions on my landing pages.

There are obvious usages but I encourage you to use your imagination.

A well timed audio or alert sound can easily boost engagement.

Using a combination of these powerful scripts is where the magic really begins to happen.


Keep in mind you always have to use these scripts in your landing pages.

Many times I use these scripts for A / B split testing.


Click Stacking


Click Stacking works great when you have 2 closely related offers.

By watching the video you'll get an idea of how this script works.

In short when a click is made on your landing page.

The link is opened in a new window or tab.

The original window/tab is refreshed into something new. Like a new offer.

Pretty cool right?


Back when visitor surveys where all the rage I would use the survey as the pop under page “refresh page”.

For some campaigns I would open a newsletter optin in the new window/tab.

Then refresh the pop under into the offer I was promoting.

Works very well.


Adding Audio To Your Landing Page


Adding audio is pretty straight forward in the video.

HTML5 makes life way easier now. 🙂


By adding a familiar sound to your landing you greatly increase engagement.

Try this FB message alert on your next campaign.

Set it to auto play once the landing pages loads.

Download FB.mp3


Here is a Skype message alert sound.

This works great with dating campaigns.

Download Skype.mp3


Adding Responsive Video To Your Landing Page


It really amazes me how we've come in affiliate marketing.

Using tools like Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3 makes creating landing pages tons easier.

Video is another great tool to grab the attention of your prospect then hold their attention with motion and visual aids.

I use Bootstrap for just about all my sales pages.

Bootstrap makes it incredibly easy to add responsive video without extra plugins or jQuery scripts.


Marquee Module


Promoting sweepstakes offers I was inspired to make this marquee module.

Since then I've used this on numerous campaigns for various reasons.

In the video the marquee is setup to scroll through a list of sweepstakes winners.

Don't allow yourself to be limited to only using this script for sweeps winners.


A couple ways I've used this script is for showing numerous testimonials in compact, visual way.

My favorite usage is scrolling text like buzzfeed type scroll.

Excellent for native ad campaigns where you are running numerous landing pages within the same niche.


That's it guys and gals. I'd love to hear some feedback on how you use these powerful little jQuery scripts.

If you need help use the commeng box below.


Later folks, 😉

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