5 Insane Affiliate Marketing Strategies Using Modals

Are you using modals in your marketing?

Well, you should and here's why.

Modals grab attention by force …

… even if it's for a short while.


Think of modals like the 5 second Youtube video ad.

When done properly the 5 second video ad is impactful and gets the message across quickly.

Your modal ads should be the same.

Quick and to the point.


Below I have 5 insane marketing strategies using modals with sales pages.

Each one is unique.

But combined with other marketing tips, scripts and pages they become lethal.




Working with Bootstrap Modals


Visitor Survey Modal


Basic Coupon Modal


Store Coupon Modal


Intro Popup Modal


Exit Intent Modal


Final Thoughts

In reality a modal is nothing more than a small screen like a phone or tablet screen.

You can put any responsive landing page, website, offer, or app that will fit.


David Ford with Affplaybook shared another amazing tip with modals in one of his masterclasses.

The tip was to use the modal as your landing page for CPA offers.

The website you would pop your modal would be a site you own. Like a viral news site.

Then using PPV traffic you use the website with modal as your landing page.

If the visitor isn't interested in your offer and they close the modal.

They will still be on a website you own.

Using viral news as the content for the main site is a great way to keep the visitor.


Many times viral news sites are built using WordPress.

In David's class he mentions using this plugin to create modals.

WP Unlimited Popups

What makes this plugin different from others is it allows you to simply use HTML code.

So adding a custom landing page is easy.

You can use any of the responsive affbuddy affpages in the modals on WordPress site.

Pretty cool huh?


Thank you David for allowing me to share this tip. 😉

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