Amazing 2-Step Video Sales Page That Will Increase Conversions By 36%

I find it quite fascinating when you simply add a small step into a sales process and the conversions go up.

It goes against traditional thinking.

Most guru's teach to use the least amount of steps as possible.

I do agree if you have many steps in the process.

But sometimes adding a small qualifier greatly improves the campaign.

This lander uses a short video to qualify your traffic.

Then when the button goes to the offer page.

This can used as is with the review template or simply use the video LP to send to another longer sales page.


Another way to use this lander is to transcribe the video content into a long sales page.

Add that content below the video.

You give the prospect 2 way to digest your message.

A great example of this is used on CB Passive Income sales page.

Check it out.

Powerful sales technique.


Bonus Usage Tips

  1. Works great in a PPV campaign.
  2. Target competitors sites of similar offers
  3. Excellent teaser for an Advertorial.
  4. Add a delay to show the CTA after a specified time.


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