Lightening Fast, Responsive eCommerce Sales Page

In the last couple of years eCommerce has begun taking over the affiliate marketing space.

Sites like Teespring and Print-on-Demand have given many affiliates the ability to branch out away from typical CPA offers.

WooCommerce was a timely addition to WordPress as many bloggers where looking for a solid eCommerce solution.

Shortly there after Shopify took the scene by storm.

This landing page was inspired by numerous shopping cart designs.

Ecommerce sites like Amazon, Etsy, Groupon and etc.


Sales Page Usage Tips

  1. Test products without building an entire website.
  2. Simple Dropship Method.
  3. Easy “Free Plus Shipping” sales page (DotCom Secrets).
  4. Fast loading for PPV campaigns.


I'd love to hear how you are using this landing page.

When I was coding it out I came up with thousands of ideas.

Specially when used with coupons, modals and other great sales tricks.


One tricky method I thought about was using this lander for lead gen.


Use it for your digital product Freebie.

Instead of simply offering a download link.

Have them go through a simple cart process before getting the download.


You could do it a couple of ways.

Use the download file as just an extension of your sales page.

So when they click the green button it starts the download.


Or have them go to a short form after they “add to cart”.

Once they complete the form email them to download.


Basically what you are doing is piggy backing on the authority of a standard ecommerce product page.

Enjoy 🙂


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