The Secret Real Estate Funnel That Works


Ok lets get started with this one. I love the flow of this landing page.

There is literally tons of things you can do in the Real Estate niche.

Regardless if you are an Agent or Affiliate, there is much opportunity.


So much goes into selling a home.

Things like;

  1. Storage
  2. Deep cleaning
  3. Repairs
  4. Staging
  5. and etc …

Tons of opportunity to make referral commissions from local providers, or through affiliate links.


*TIP – Once a lead is made on the funnel and the client wants to sell their home. It's roughly going  to take a month before the listing goes live. This is a fantastic opportunity for an autoresponder series. Using the Home Seller's Guide as a daily email series loaded with great content and referral links.


For affiliates think offers that would help the client sell their home.

Offers like;

  1. Handyman services
  2. Home Insurance
  3. Home Warranties
  4. Home Decor
  5. DIY Home Improvements
  6. and etc …


For Real Estate Agents think local services.

Things like;

  1. Local storage
  2. Cleaning services
  3. Staging
  4. Repairs
  5. and etc …

Funnels make a great opportunity to sell ad space for local businesses inside the funnel or in the follow up series.


Real Estate Funnel Landing Page


Thank you page


That's it for this Click Funnels Shared Funnel.

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Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

To your success.



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