Using Click Funnels For Pay Per Call Marketing


Today I am starting a new series releasing pre-made affiliate campaign using Click Funnels.

Click Funnels makes it incredibly easy to build sales paths and funnels.

The offer we are promoting is Lyft PPCall from


Offer Description:

Lyft Drivers Wanted

Payout $7 (minimum duration 1 minute)

Mon-Fri :  9:00 am to 8:00 pm (all times Eastern)


The main goal with using Click Funnels for Pay Per Call campaigns is collecting the optin.

We want to get the email and mobile phone number.

Actionetics makes it easy to follow up using autoresponder series or SMS messaging.


Rideshare is an interesting offer.

As a novice Lyft driver they will be looking for advise.

This is where you can follow up with helpful tips and tricks to running a Rideshare business.


There's quite a bit of merchandise to promote in your autorepsonder series.

Things like;

  1. Cell phone multi chargers for passenger (Increases Tips),
  2. Rideshare signs for tips,
  3. Driver seat massager to name a few …


There is lots of ideas to promote since you'll know a lot about your list.

Things like;

  1. They own a smart phone to promote apps
  2. They own a decent car (insurance, cash washes, maintenance, etc)
  3. If they are driving rideshare then money is definitely on their mind.


Below are the pages in the funnel. It begins with an Advertorial page then Optin page, then finally the Thank You page.

Click Funnels will allow you to easily edit and make changes.


Advertorial Page


Optin Page


Thank You Page

Enjoy 🙂


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If you have any questions please ask in the comments below.



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  2. Daniel

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